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Ok, so I’m going to answer the big question of life right here right now.  That’s it, search over – you ready?

Although some of us are a little more preoccupied with it than others, I think most people alive have at some point asked themselves the questions:

What is the meaning of life?  Why am I here?  What is my purpose?

I, personally, being a big picture kind of person, can become overwhelmingly frustrated with this eternal existential dilemma.  There has to be some reason for all this!  There must be some grand purpose for which my life was ordained.  Otherwise it just feels so pointless.

But I read something today that was so simple yet fell with such truth into my awareness.  I guess it’s Occam’s Razor – the simplest explanation often ends up being the one with the most truth.

Think about nature – birds, trees, mountains, rivers.  What is the purpose of a bird?  It just is.  What is the purpose of grass?  It just is.  Why are there mountains?  They just are.  None of nature needs a reason for existence – it’s all just there and why not?  There is a beauty and kind of wordless sense in its existence just for the sake of its existence.

We humans like to think we are somehow separate from nature, outside of it, something apart.  We’re not.  We are as natural as birds and trees – we are animals and part of the intricate fabric of this crazy, intriguing world.  Cows fart methane and we build cars and factories, lions hunt gazelles and we invent processed cheese.  It is all not just in the world, but of it.

So how absurd then to think that we require any more reason for being than a mouse or a sunflower.  What is that bird’s purpose?  To be a bird.  What is my purpose?  To be.  Maybe we are here simply because we are here.

Edmund Hilary didn’t ask why Mt Everest was there.  It was, and so he climbed it.  When asked why he climbed it, he responded: “Because it was there”.  He could have added: and so was I.  Both he and the mountain were both just there.  They both just existed because they did.  And so Hilary combined their experience of existing into an experience of each other.  He climbed the mountain and the mountain was climbed.  They needed no greater reason than this.

Maybe there is some big grand overarching purpose to this whole thing – life, the planet, the universe.  Maybe we are all the single cells in some big grand plan.  But if each of the cells of your body sat around gazing into their mitochondria asking ‘What’s the point?  What am I here for?’, then your body would probably cease to function.  So each cell has to just trust that it’s there because it’s there and get on with the business of being and doing what it is and does.

Perhaps next time you wonder why am I here, consider that maybe you just are.  What is the purpose of life?  To be alive.  You are because you are, just like the trees and the birds and the stars just are.  Yet, you are aware of your being.  So be, and make all your doing a celebration and exploration of the beingness.


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