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When you are logging on to iGoogle, you are redirected to a log in page which has  a little bulletpointed list of what you can do once you’ve signed in:

  • Indulge your creativity
  • Focus on your interests
  • Change your mind

Sounds like a pretty good recipe for life, if you ask me. 


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I want my life to be a piece of poetry.

Some times poetry is happy.  Sometimes poetry is sad or angry.

Sometimes poetry is stupid and frivoulous and funny.  Sometimes poetry is deep and poignant.

Sometimes poetry flows like a river off your tongue and through your soul.  Sometimes poetry is choppy, out of rhythm, staccato, syncopated.

Sometimes poetry is about love and passion.  Sometimes poetry is about hate.  And passion.

Sometimes poetry is happy and sometimes it’s not.

But it is always beautiful.

I want my life to be a piece of poetry, and yet but a stanza in the soul of the world.

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I stumbled across this fabulous idea of six word memoirs – basically, the idea is to sum up the past year in six words.

The title of this post is my memoir for 2009.

Hopefully at this time next year, I will be writing:

Lived, loved and enjoyed life fully.

Or, as one poster on the above linked blog wrote: stopped searching and enjoyed my life.

What is your six word memoir?

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I just stumbled across this guy’s music today and I think he’s a pretty awesome lyricist.  I really like this song because it pretty much sums up everything that Christmas means to me.

My family and I don’t have a lot of money at the moment.  And as my first Christmas was at the age of 13, due to growing up in a religion that forbade it, we don’t have a lot of childhood sentimentality attached to the traditional forms of celebrating the holiday.  We don’t have a christmas tree, we don’t make a huge heavy roast, we don’t get stressed and put up with relatives we hate – we don’t even do presents.

What we do is eat homemade pizza and chocolate cake, drink pink bubbly with strawberries in the glass, spend time together, and laugh a lot.  This year we jumped in the sea, even though it was still freezing.  There was no Santa.  There was just us.  Us girls hanging out together and being grateful for each other.

That’s what Christmas means to me.  Family and drinking wine in the sun.  Long may the tradition continue.

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There is a kind of post-modern irony in writing a blog post about blogging.

After having a little experiment with various forms, I have moved my whole blog network over to WordPress.  I have also merged my new Yes blog with a lot of my old posts from Emily’s Quest.

Because, surely, to embrace the present, is also to embrace all the parts of your past that made you who you currently are.  After all, a huge part of what I am learning is the benefit of sticking with the foundation you have already built, rather than flitting around starting one thing after another and never building something solid.

Besides, I kinda like some of my old, confused, convoluted writing 😛  It has been quite a journey and I love it all.

A couple of thoughts on blog platforms: I had a hard time deciding between Blogger and WordPress.  Blogger kind of feels more friendly and welcoming to look at.  It also has quite a good community aspect with the ‘following’ option.  But there is something about it that also feels more… amateurish.  In my humble opinion.

WordPress is can be a bit vast and cold and impersonal – but then it also feels more polished, and has lots of great features, a good interface and preferable usability.

Actually, it just occured to me that Blogger is kind of like the Bebo of blogs, whereas WordPress is the Facebook.

Having matured beyond a brief Bebo phase a long time ago, I think WordPress also lends a maturity that is well reflective of what I am trying to do here.

There is definitely something self-indulgent about blogging.  It’s like assuming that everyone would want to read your diary.  In fact, that’s exactly what it is for bloggers like me, who display their deepest thoughts and feelings for all and sundry.  But as I was saying to someone the other day – there is something cathartic and encouraging about knowing that your deepest thoughts and ponderings are not just falling into the black hole of Microsoft Word or a notebook you’ll probably lose in two years, but are in fact a) falling on listening ears (perhaps I should say ‘reading eyes’) who can engage with it, perhaps understand and indentify with it, perhaps even give you a different perspective on it, and b) being recorded in a more permanent form that isn’t going to slip down the back of a couch never to return or be lost forever when your harddrive dies.

Especially for those with writerly inclinations/aspirations, there is nothing more gratifying than feeling your words will be read and engaged with.

So, welcome to The World of Yes on WordPress!  I promise not all posts will be quite as geeky as this one, but thanks for letting me indulge 😛

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There are always days like these.

Days when you feel so shit you just have to revel in it.  Days when demotivation is like a cloak you curl up in, a familiar blanket, a snuggle rug.  Days when you wonder who you are and why and most importantly, how?  How how how?  How do you know, how do you find out, how do you live yourself each day and not lose yourself and still love yourself and not give yourself over to the darkness under the blanket, under the thick, warm, familiar blanket?

Days when you just have to swear out loud, SWEAR in capital letters, even if only in an e-mail, days when you are grateful to have a friend who has shit days too, who swears back, who laughs when you laugh because laughing is the only option left aside from despair and I would choose laughing any day.

Days when all you can do is wrap yourself in musical words, in the thoughts you had that other people wrote but better, in the melody of lyric and verse.  Days when all you can do is drink wine and toast to the darkening sky and be here now because later is too much to contemplate, later is in the too hard basket, later is like the dishes in the sink that you leave for tomorrow morning (when they’ll be so much muckier).

If you’re going to give yourself fully to the good days, why not give yourself fully to the shit ones?  This, too, is life.  This, too, is living.

There will always be days like these.  Today is one too.

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Sign On - The World Needs Us

Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.

~ Voltaire

Planet Earth sustains and supports us – lets give it a little support back, eh?  It takes 2 seconds of your time and none of your money.

This December, world leaders, including NZ Prime Minister John Key, will meet in Copenhagen to decide what the world should do about climate change. We must give John a strong mandate to do the right thing in Copenhagen, so please Sign On today. This is a great chance to make a difference.

You could sit around on your ass using up resources and doing nothing, and just vaguely hope the world will be around for your children and your children’s children.  Or you could take 2 seconds to Sign On.  Your choice.

I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
I will not refuse to do something I can do.

~ Helen Keller

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